Oh Hugh

A friend of mine sent me a text yesterday that said, ‘Get a sitter we’re going to see Hugh Jackman – Back on Broadway!’ Just to think about it now makes me go…


This particular friend is of very sound judgement, I do anything she tells me to do.

Seven years ago Hugh Jackman did this show, The Boy from Oz that people said was so amazing they saw it multiple times. In fact, he was so good that when he was out for a week, they just cancelled the show all together rather than giving him an understudy. Somehow I missed it.

Then we saw the broadcast of  the Tony Awards he hosted where he apparently moved his feet to one rhythm, his arms to another and his voice followed a third.  This makes no logical sense to me, but does sound incredibly difficult.

Then I heard he loves loves loves all the talented musicians and dancers on Broadway and feels honored to perform with them…not the other way around.  So sign me up already.

Well, dear Reader, my report is as follows…I am not a, ‘jump up and down and dance all around’ kind of lady when I’m at the theatre, but I will tell you that Hugh Jackman is so charming, and so talented, the whole audience did absolutely everything he told them to do. If he had told us all to go out into the street and strip down to our skivvies, I think we all would have done it.

Not to mention that my dear friend surprised me with second row seats on the aisle!


The two seats in front of us were empty so when Mr. Jackman came down off the stage to sing in the audience (!!!!!) he got on his knees in front of my friend, held her hand, looked her right in the eyes and sang his heart out.  I just held onto her arm and squealed like a 15 year old girl.


Anyway…he must have bad breath or something…anything. There has to something wrong with him.  It’s just not natural.

There was a woman in the front row, who let’s just say was maybe a little too enthusiastic.  He didn’t care.  He hugged and kissed her and tapped her head with maracas.  She must’ve worked hard to get those front row, center tickets.  He was going to be sure she wasn’t disappointed.

He repeatedly yelled offstage to get the baseball scores for the men in the audience.  He said he knew they were only there because their wives made them come.

He pulled a woman in her 60s from the audience and brought her up on stage to sing with him.  After the show we all told her how amazing she was and she replied all in one breath,

‘I don’t know what happened! What did I do? My kids will never believe me. What do I do? Never wash my hands again? Freeze dry this outfit?’

I think she was in shock.

Can I also just say (and then I’ll stop, I promise), he pointed out his two dancers who had their Broadway debut in his show.  He applauded his conductor, his drummer, his pianist, his guitar player…you get the picture.  He told us how lucky we were to get to hear them play, and he was right.

AND GET THIS!!!  They are filming a movie version of Les Miserables and Hugh Jackman is playing Jean Valjean.

Shut the front door.

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