More DC

The Smithsonian National Zoo
National Portrait Gallery-Edith Wharton—>
Jefferson Memorial
That place is big

G and I headed for the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They are both held in this big rotunda made of marble. It did not take the baby long to figure out that the acoustics in there were fantastic. This is how I was tricked into possibly the quickest viewing of these documents in history.We moved on to the exhibit about America and food. I did the speed viewing while I chased the baby through the hallways, but we both LOVED this doughnut poster. (<—)

The National Gallery of Art was where it really happened.  This museum is big and wide and the art is hung high on the walls so the little man could run free without putting his elbow through a Picasso. The place is SO big we  only made it through part of the first floor, which didn’t even include the permanent collections.  We spent most of our time looking at the Chester Dale collection. He was a banker, his wife an artist. In a tale as old as time, she influenced his appreciation of art so that when he died, he bequeathed it all to us.

I asked G…

‘Do like this Renoir? A Girl with a Watering Can?’ He shook his head no—>
‘How about the Girl with a Hoop?’
‘How about The Beach at Villerville?’ No.—>
‘Snow in New York? But you love snow. No. OK.’—>
‘Degas?’ No.—>
‘How about these Monets?’—>
‘Picasso? But it’s from his blue period. No. Not even the blue period.’—>
‘Ok…well how about Boulevard des Italiens? Yes?? Ok.’—>

Lastly, my favorite sneak peek of the trip was a trip backstage at the Kennedy Center. They have posters back there of every show they’ve ever  done, including some Obama-Biden event.  Look closely, you can see their names above those wings.

One comment

  • You have really seen it all and I’m amazed that G puts up with it so well. What a lucky little boy even tho he doesn’t “get it” yet. Great pictures/ I’m so proud of you Betsy to share all of this wih us, the only way I will ever have to see it all. Thanks..
    I hope you took the little guy for some ice cream for being such a good boy. I will admit he looks interested.
    Luv and Hugs GG

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