Washington DC

So just like that, on Tuesday, 10/11, Michael headed to DC to start his new job as the Resident Director of Les Mis. Hoooray. It finally sunk in when we pulled up to the big old Kennedy Center and saw the giant Les Mis banner that said ‘Dream the Dream.‘ I almost peed my pants.

Before Michael had been away 3 full days, the baby and I packed up and hopped on a train to join him. We had a blast, an absolute blast. First of all the weather was tremendous. Secondly, G is the most delightful, little adventurer around. Lastly while Michael worked, we did just about everything you can possibly do in DC shy of getting ourselves three trillion dollars into debt.

We hit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History to see…

and the Hope Diamond (in case you need any Christmas gift ideas for me)—>si.edu
G then played soccer on our National Mall…
in front of the Washington Monument…
in front of the United States Capitol…
and inside the Library of Congress.
We toured the Capital—>inside the dome

and the Library of Congress. I like the ceilings.

We hightailed it over to the National Museum of American History where we saw exhibits on the Presidents, the Civil War and other important things like…

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers—>americanhistory.si.edu
Archie Bunker’s Chair!—>americanhistory.si.edu

We walked over to the National WWII Memorial where G proceeded to run as fast as he could into to the giant Memorial Fountain right past the sign that says…

Please Be Respectful and Stay Out of the Fountain

I scooped him up and he howled in defiance. Thank goodness there were several WWII Veterans at the Memorial that day who took one look at him and threw their heads back with laughter. They didn’t seem the least bit disrespected.

photo: Jon Rochetti

From here I dragged him over to the Lincoln Memorial where he proceeded to climb all the way up to the top as resting onlookers cheered him on.

Oh!  Guess who arrived in DC at the Kennedy Center the same day we did? Jacques! He was attending a special performance of Suzanne Farrell‘s ballet company. They played a video on a loop in the main hallway of the two of them dancing back in the day. I told Jacques he really needed to stop following us around.

One comment

  • I loved every minute of the tour, felt I was right behind you all the way. What great pictures/ G will be shockedsomeday when he sees what an exciting life he had way back when/

    I’m sorry you have to do these things on your own, but I admire you to keep going, taking it all in and just Count your blessings for all the wonderful privileges you are having. Few are so lucky.

    Thanks for making my day. Luv, GG

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