Don’t Let the Pigeon…

Nanny wanted to climb to the top of Notre Dame to take in the view of Paris. I sent the boys up while the baby and I sat in the square in front of the cathedral. I already hoofed it up to Sacre-Coeur with a baby-no hoofing to the tops of cathedrals today.

It was here we saw the worst/best/worst again thing in all of France. A woman sat at the edge of the square-perhaps a tourist, perhaps a Parisian native. She tore pieces of bread and placed them on her shoulders, her lap, and her head. Then she was literally covered with pigeons-covered with them. I looked on in horror as she placed a piece of bread in her mouth and a pigeon hopped onto her shoulder to nip the bread out from between her teeth.

Meanwhile, the views from atop Notre Dame were amazing.

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