Nanny’s In Town

Having Nanny Rigsby in town was quite lovely. He shopped and cooked and kept us in pastis. He entertained the baby (and me) and kept us informed regarding Hurricane Irene. The way he did this was by turning on the telly to BBC 1.

‘If they aren’t talking about it on BBC 1, then it doesn’t matter,’ he said. (!!)

We were marvelous tourists covering much of Paris together over the next 3 days. Some of the highlights:

Notre Dame

photo by Scott Bedard
photo by _Robert C_ on Flickr

The Latin Quarter

photo by beggs on Flickr

The Sorbonne

photo by Jean-Marie Hullot

A tour of the interior of the Palais Garnier Opera House where mostly ballets are performed now.

photo by Jean-Pierre Roche

Rigsby was not impressed, referring to it as ‘wedding cake’ architecture and saying things like, ‘you can barely get out the front door without getting covered in gold leaf.’

photo by Piero Sierra on Flickr

Heh heh.  It was fun going there with him (although I thought it was rather beautiful…shhhh).

photo by Jean-Jacques Cordier
photo by Jean-Yves Roure

We also walked to Montmartre from our apartment. At the top of Montmartre lies the fantastic landmark, the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur.

photo by Brigitte Djajasasmita

You can climb (which I did-with a baby-and a stroller-not sure how) many many stairs to get to the top of the hill where the Sacre-Coeur lies or you can take the Montmartre funicular which is a mash-up of a subway car and an elevator.

photo by Julie70 on Flickr

Once you get up there, there is a whole other tiny world next to the Sacre-Coeur where all the artists painted in the Place du Tertre and went to Moulin Rouge and Le Chat Noir.

photographer unknown

I had no idea this was all hiding up here and I’d been there before. I thought Montmartre was just the town that lies on the hill leading to the Basilique. Hello? I had missed it all the last time I was there!!! It was full of little cafes, museums, and cemeteries.  It held beautiful, old, well appointed houses.

photo by Jacques Bravo

It was a fantastic area to accidentally stumble upon.

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