La Creperie

Across the street from our little apartment there was a place called La Crepe Dentelle. It had been closed thus far due to the summer holidays, but today it opened its doors and we went running down. We went there for lunch and then back again for dinner, that is how much we loved it. There was a fabulous blonde woman who served us and this fantastic man with a white twisty mustache who stood in the tiny kitchen and prepared crepes for people all through lunch and all through dinner.

After lunch we went to take the baby to the aquarium, but their credit card machine was broken and they were only taking cash. We thought this was hilarious. We loved the laid back attitude of the French. The machine is broken, go do something else, come back another day. But the Americans in us were thinking, I don’t want to come back another day…if that happened in the US, vendors would pull out their old carbon swipe machines to make sure they did not lose one customer. But we were right next to the Eiffel Tower and found a great playground in its shadow.

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