Le Jardin d’Acclimitation

I think I can honestly say now…this was my favorite day in Paris. It was not Michael’s favorite day. It was his first of only 3 days off (don’t be sad, Michael LOVED being at work every day) and he was tired. We decided to forgo the day trip to Versailles or the day trip to Champagne, he just wanted a relaxing day tooling around Paris with his family. Somehow that turned into me dragging him all the way to the outer western edge of Paris in the heat to an amusement park for children—FULL of people. I think Versailles was closer. Sorry Michael.

Anyway—this Jardin d’Acclimatation is awesome. There is nothing like it in NYC. It’s left over from the World’s Fair and it’s filled with stuff, a menagerie, tons of playground equipment for every age, a HUGE sprinkler garden, tons of carnival rides that G is too young for, pony rides, golf school, a hall of mirrors, a carousel (!) and more…even giant trampolines…it was crazy.

BUT—the BEST thing about it was Le Petit Train. If you go to a special spot outside the park you can wait for the little train to come and pick you up and take you into all the crazy fun. Look at the face as the train arrived—YES!

When we entered the park, we found these crazy motion activated misters—

Then we ran off to do as many of the things listed above as we could—it was a blast.

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