Bonjour Tuileries!

I found an article about the top ten things to do with kids in Paris. I think we did almost all of them by the third day we were here. Paris isn’t THAT big, I forgot. But it is beautiful.

It was my goal to write a blog post every evening while we were here in gay Paree and clearly that hasn’t happened. But I’m thinking it’s for the best since I didn’t end up boring you with the banal minutia of our stay (which believe me…I would have…once, it took me all day to figure out which bottle was fabric softener…another time I came home with what I thought were freezer bags, but were actually separated plastic bags to make ice cubes…see? Boring). So let’s hit the highlights.

On our second day here, Michael went to work and I got the baby and went exploring and I found we were only a stone’s throw from the Tuileries Garden (if you can throw a stone about a mile). The Tuileries is the garden of the Louvre, the former Palace of many of the Kings of France and the gardens are massive. You can’t swing a cat in this town without hitting a Palace and so many of them have Gardens to match. When you have a child and it’s summertime, a Palace Garden is where you want to be.

During the summertime they block off the Northern edge of the Tuileries and turn it into an amusement park with games and rides and a big Ferris Wheel.  I was so excited to be in Paris that I scooped the baby up and took him on the Ferris Wheel with me so we could get a good look at the whole city (I almost had a panic attack when we went around in slow motion for the third time, but the photos were worth it.)

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