Nous avons Arrive!

The flight—we’ll just say we had some issues. It’s too boring to explain, but in the end we got a free seat in between us for the baby which was totally and utterly fantastic. He did ok. A few crying jags, but mostly he slept.

Once we arrived in Paris we went straight to the hotel and right to a bistro for a croque monsieur, un cafe, l’eau sans gas et une crepe miel. Everything is closed. I mean everything. The French take this time of year very seriously and most of the city is closed down for le grand vacance.  Pas de probleme as I have probably just saved beaucoup d’argent by not being allowed into the specialty children toy and clothing shops.

After we ate we went back to our beautiful little hotel, took a nice warm bath and then pretty much passed out.  Jet lag with a baby will be very interesting.  He’s been a champ so far, I must say.  After our nap we went for a walk and then just hung out in our sweet little room until we all fell into deep, dark sleep again.  Breakfast in the little hotel dining room in the morning before getting on a train at the Gare de Lyon to head to Aix en Provence.  Eeeeeeeeee…!


  • Great photos! I love the staircase shot! …and…the hotel is gorg! Just gorg!

  • Paris “MUSCHT-HAVES” made me laugh until I cried! These pictures are ablolutely fantastique! Blog is very well written and extremely interesting, not a bla-bla-blog!

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