Au Revoir New York

New York is filled with tourists right now and I love it.

I don’t love it when they walk down a narrow sidewalk in a daisy chain of six across/ three deep at the slowest pace a human is capable of, so no matter how complex your offense may be-you will NEVER get through-but that’s ok.

This year I love them, because soon I will be one of them in someone else’s town. I too will don my fanny pack, my favorite sneakers and my camera around my neck.  At least I was, until the French survival kit arrived from my step-mother.

Inside is my new Parisian Uniform: a strapless black jumpsuit, a pair of gold hoop earrings, kitten heel cage shoes, camera ready glow bronzer, a package of adhesive mustaches.


In health news, I’m on week four of my horrifying cough. I coughed so violently, I literally strained my intercostal muscles. The doctor gave me cough syrup with codeine so I can sleep and told me to stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and dairy: the only food groups in Paris.

As we pack up our second temporary UWS apartment, we should feel sad, but we’re off to Paris so we feel ok. We found a third temporary UWS place for the month of September, then the hunt begins for a permanent home October 1st.


  • Hi Kids,

    I think we did it, maybe??? I’m not great at this kind of stuff, but we look forward to hearing all and seeing all…..

    GG and Auntie Linda

  • Love these posts. I’m not much of a blog person but you started this at just the right time. First of all, I love hearing all about my beloved O’s but I’m also considering starting a blog (or 2…) myself and need to pick your brain. Like what format is this in and how did you choose to use this over others? I love the ease in which to navigate and it’s so well set up. Your life is a constant blur of new places and experiences and you are handling it so beautifully. I’d never be able to do it… or if I did, it would be without your grace. Me thinks I like complaining too much. Love you guys. Looking forward to the next adventure!
    xo leigh

    • Yes! I will subscribe to all of your blogs. I have limited knowledge, BUT I do like wordpress better than blogspot. It’s all free and you can pay to do add ons. I would upgrade to have your blog be it’s own domaine like vs Then you just have to fiddle around with it and look at all the different themes. They offer a multitude of ways to present your information. I chose the one I chose because I knew lots of photos would be involved. Love you pretty lady. Kiss the boys for me.

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