The Great Plague of Twenty Eleven

We are all so sick. For me-two full weeks of hacking like an 80 year old smoker. For the baby-an ear infection on top of his night time cough he’s had for a month. For Michael-the remnants of a cough he’s had for a month. I would start to think this life of vagabonds is perhaps too stressful for us, but the truth of the matter is, almost everyone we know has had this weird plague, even the receptionist at my Doctor’s office. It’s downright creepy because nothing seems to get rid of it. It just laughed in the face of my amoxicillin.

The thing I’ve come to learn about having a baby is that you don’t get to be sick. You press on. So we did. As I’m sure you know it was hot as blazes in the North East so we had to escape the heat with the plague. This was accomplished by museums, fountains, trains, hotels and pools.

First stop—The Museum of Natural History.

Since it’s close by, we braved the heat and went to the Hall of Ocean Life under the big whale and set the baby loose!

Then some astronaut ice cream and a dip in the fountain next to the Rose Space Center.

Next stop—Washington DC

Dad was in DC for a convention (and a meeting at homeland security (!)) so Michael and I grabbed the baby and got on an (air conditioned) Amtrak. He was a champ on the train. He slept and when he woke up he ran up and down the aisles blowing kisses and waving to his fans as if he were the Queen of England.

Once in DC, it was so roasting hot that we headed right to the Air and Space Museum via the Metro. (It is so fun to be a tourist in somebody else’s town.) We had to cross the mall on foot and I swear to you the Capital was merely a mirage.


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