July-Another Spot on the UWS


Since it is still a mystery as to where we may land come October, we have decided to embrace our homelessness for the next few months and become vagabonds. But we’ve decided to make the most of it and become fancy vagabonds. To start, some friends were kind enough to let us come stay in their pretty apartment for the month of July and August up until we leave for Paris.  So say bye bye first temporary UWS apt and hello 2nd temporary UWS apartment.

I will tell you this dear Reader, we LOVE this apartment. doorman building, elevator, laundry in the basement, nice sized living room, an eat-in kitchen (dishwasher!), 2 bedrooms and views of the Belleclaire Hotel (I’ve always been a big fan of that building). Plus you can hear the church bells ring from Collegiate down the street where the baby will go to school one day. Heh Heh Heh. No, I’m serious. But the best part about this building is that it’s not NEW. It’s a pre-war building—1920s I think, but it’s well maintained and just nice…lovely…civilized. Plus, I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to be right next to Fairway again…sorry Zabar’s….I will always love your housewares.

On the road to increasing the civilized nature of our homelessness, Michael was talking to an old colleague and Paris came up.  He said, ‘you have to come stay at my house in the south of France so I can see you and meet your family.’  I swear he really said that, Michael showed me the email. So after much debate (2 seconds worth), we decided to accept his gracious invitation and figure out how to make it happen. So now we’re leaving for Paris on Sunday, August 7th, traveling to Provence the 9th-11th, Michael starts work on Cabaret back in Paris on Friday the 12th. Eeeeeeeeee!…we’re getting very excited. Who cares if we don’t know where we’re living September 1st? Not me. Why would you think I would care about that?


  • So very fancy and loving it! Must get together before Paris whisks you away! xoxo, Auntie C!

  • definitely fancy vagabonds should where big hats and fancy scarves. love to you all and thinking about you lots!

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