John Derian

I don’t really like asking people for help. I like to handle things myself. But over the years I have come to learn to be a little more gracious in my ability to ask for and then to accept help from others. The primary reason for this burgeoning ability is not years of therapy, but the prospect of being able to purchase a Thank You gift. I love hunting down the right Thank You gifts for people and Michael is a master at refining my runaway ideas. We make a terrific Thank You gift buying team, at least I think we do.

In our recent hunting we came across ~ John Derian Company Inc ~. I’m sure that makes some of you yawn…oh John Derian, bla bla, old hat…I’m sure T has been on an archeological dig with him or something. But he was slightly new to us, by name anyway. For years I had seen his trays on the table of one of my favorite clients and I decided to ask her more about them. I knew I could find them at Bergdorf, but I wanted to check out his shop down in the East Village. I heart that shop. It’s just so elegant and creative and fun. I guess whimsical would be how you’d describe it, but there is a definite sense of humor in Mr. Derian’s work.

He’s primarily known for his decoupage I believe (gluing paper onto stuff. BAH! It sounds so simple). We ended up purchasing a tray for Peter in the Hotel Algonquin series because it was just so funny. These are notes, along with a calling card, written by the same woman to someone at the Algonquin Hotel and John Derian unearthed them and decoupaged them onto (into?) glass trays. They crack me up…this woman was serious…

For a gift for another kind and generous family who let us stay in their home, we discovered that John Derian made a line of items with vintage NYC maps on them, but they are exclusive to Bergdorf, so twist my arm to get me over there. The baby and I took an amazing walk over to 5th Ave through Central Park.  We found a tray with a vintage map of the Theatre District from what must be the late 1800s because the original Metropolitan Opera House is on it.

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  • That is hilarious! Love it! I am assuming you landed safely, but I can’t wait to hear all about your Parisian escapades!

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