You would think after a while a view would be a view.

‘There it is, Big Ben, Parliament,’ or in this case, ‘There it is, the clock tower and that Empire State looking building.’

But as I’ve mentioned in previous posts about Australian views, I am a woman who once loved my NYC view of a brick wall. So every day our Melbourne view still thrills me.


But then look what else it does!


IMG_2485 Hot Air Balloons?

Can you even see the Times Square moon ball in this photo?

And guess how excited G and I were to find this photo at The Melbourne Museum from olden times?


We’ll have much much more about this great city soon.

From the Mouths of Babes

lord business---a bad guy--->

lord business—a bad guy—>

“Mama.  I don’t want to watch The LEGO Movie ever again.”

“Ok, well you certainly don’t have to, but can I ask why?”

“It has too many bad guys.  I wouldn’t want to live in a world with so many bad guys.  Would you?”


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