Paper Bark Camp

We took a little jaunt two hours south of Sydney to visit Paper Bark Camp in Jervis Bay.  You stay in a tent, but it’s a tent with a king size bed and a claw foot bathtub.  So you don’t really camp…you glamp.  When G fell asleep M and I sat out on the tent terrace (?!) with a bit of bourbon when we suddenly heard the air slice in half.  We both froze for quite a few seconds as neither of us had ever heard a sound like that before outside the comfort of surround sound speakers.

That wasn’t a bird was it?

No.  It was a GIANT fruit bat or flying fox, harmless, but nonetheless GIANT.  It does not hover in the breeze on its fluffy feathers, it pushes the air out of its way with wings made of skin and sounds like…wait for it…Batman.

We finished our drinks inside the little tent zipper enclosure thingy.

Playing House

Back in the olden days when I fancied myself a producer of cutting edge, avant guard theatre, bla dee bla, a great college friend of mine asked me if I’d help her produce a sketch comedy show.

I said yes, because who wouldn’t, especially when all the performers were rolling out of Amy Poehler’s newly formed Upright Citizens Brigade?

Newly formed?  Like I said, olden days.

We got the show into the Fringe Festival and to this day there is one actress from that production who burned herself into my brain.

Lennon Parham

She was so funny, I can still see the exact skit she performed from 15 years ago as clearly as I can see my own hand in front of my face today.

Over those 15 years, Lennon busted her pa-tootsie.  She managed all kinds of ups and downs but she did. not. give. up, I tell you.  And now, she and her best friend have their own show on USA called Playing House. Not only do they star in it, they write it too.  Yes they do.  !!!

We can’t watch it down here dag nabbit, but if you’re in the States you can, so please do. It’s on at 10pm Friday nights. DVR it and tell me all about it.

So proud of all the sistas doin’ it for themselves.




One of my most favorite people on the planet works tirelessly to make daily life more sustainable for our planet.  Her (not so) quiet reminders to ditch my ziplock bags for Lunch Skins and my to-go coffee cups for a Keep Cup, have not only saved our family money, but have created an impact on how much waste goes into our planet’s landfills.

But there’s more.

She co-founded and implemented a school cafeteria composting pilot on the Upper West Side.  The waste reduction was SO large, even the Bloomberg took note.  New York City’s Departments of Education and Sanitation were so impressed with the results, they implemented a 2012 school cafeteria composting pilot CITY WIDE!

That’s New York City wide. HeaderFinal.4 JennyGreenJeans has just launched her official website with smart tips, interviews with movers and shakers and services to make your life and everybody else’s more sustainable.

Go Subscribe!———–>>>

Fab Kid Lit (Age 2-3) Part 3

51uA6B0p8AL._SY346_G’s 4th birthday (are you kidding?) just happened last week and I realize I still have not completed my list of Fab Kid Lit Age 2-3!  How can the world still be turning, I ask you??

Of course we found this version of Les Miserables in the cutest toy store on the planet in Vancouver, so we had to get it.  We’re partial to the BabyLit Board Book series, but these Cozy Classics are very well done.  They are really for readers of all ages as the soft visuals can stimulate a six month old and the clever way they tell the story will make a seasoned reader of literature smile.



This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen is a terrifying tale of what can happen when you take things which do not belong to you and then, to make matters worse, try to engage someone else in an orchestrated cover up.  If only Chris Christie had been given a copy of this when he was a child…



31ofTltCkxLHenri’s Walk to Paris by Leonore Klein and illustrated by Saul Bass is a lovely story about a boy who dreams of Paris.  This is the first and only children’s book illustrated by Saul Bass who is considered the greatest graphic designer of all time.  !!!  Apparently, back in the day, it was a sought after, out of print collector’s item and was only reissued in 2012.  Of course I learned all of this from the gorgeous cultural website BrainPickings, which is where I seem to learn most everything nowadays.



5159YSVG1PLMillions of Cats by Wanda Gag is really weird and kind of scary, but we love it.  A man goes out and finds a million cats, but his wife only wants one, for obvious reasons.  A moral lies in how they solve this problem.



imagesOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss.  There’s nothing to say about this book, it’s perfect.  I’m sorry you can’t hear Michael read it out loud in various shades of Tony Robert’s voices.





51F6dfBAl6LThe Prince’s Bedtime by Joanne Oppenheim is so stinking cute.  They try everything to get the Prince to fall asleep, but only one thing does the trick.





410OLzMygDLSandra Boynton.  Her books are just little parties.  Let’s Dance, Little Pookie gets the little ones up and about…if that’s what you’re after.





51+8RBhvfyL._SY300_And here she is again with Happy Hippo, Angry Duck, a book about feelings.  It’s a perfect book for when kids are just on the cusp of putting their feelings into words.  It’s so helpful for them to identify uncomfortable feelings as a part of life… even a hippo and duck’s life.





Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst and Ray Cruz is a classic.  His day is so bad, he contemplates a move to Australia.  Poor Alexander.  I had a bad day just like his last week, and I’m already in Australia.




This is Australia by M. Sasek.  We found this book in Boston 6 months before we moved down under.  We went back to our hotel room in Worcester, Mass for a chilly week of the Les Mis tour and began to learn about where we were headed.  Now that we’ve been here 6 months, it’s even more fun to look at.






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