Farewell Sydney

As we bid farewell to our ten months as Sydneysiders, let’s give a big high five to our favorite Sydney day.

It’s a B trifecta.  Blue Ducks…


to Bronte…

photo: coune

bronte beach-photo: c.oune

to Bondi…


bondi graffiti

We made this trip several times while we were here, we took our visitors here, we had our first litre to cups debacle here and the best food and views we will ever see.

Cheers to you Blue Ducks, you are the icon of our stay.

This will be the last post from Sydney (!), but it will not be the last post about Sydney.

Our next stop is NYC, baby.

The Grounds of Alexandria


There are a lot of lovely places to eat in Sydney, but nowadays we really fall into the daytime eating out crowd.  Lunch and brunch is mostly where we land.  I won’t even tell you what time we eat dinner because it will make you feel sorry for us.  So along with all the Blue Ducks chatter I heard when I put my ear to the ground in this town, there was another spot with an equal amount of good vibes: The Grounds of Alexandria.  When I saw on their website they were only open until 4pm, I thought…this place is for us.


Once inside it has a very bistro feel with Tolix chairs and fancy coffee accoutrement hanging about.  Fresh bread is stacked on tables for you to taste and the varying menu on offer has something delicious for even the pickiest eater.  But what makes this place so special are its grounds, any place with a double entendre in its name gets the thumbs up after all.  So yes…the grounds are coffee, but the grounds are also the huge plot of garden that waits for you outside after you finish your meal.

It was school holidays when we were there.  There was quite a party for the little ones in the gorgeous gardens replete with a secret garden playhouse and slide, a craft table and a pet-able pig named Kevin Bacon.

The adults were not left out as there were lots of little spots hidden throughout to grab a coffee or a homemade doughnut.  There were then plenty of seats to take to admire all the patinas and daydream of Provence.






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